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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car Part

Do it yourself car repairs can be a sketchy effort unless you are a professional auto mechanic. When you go to all that effort of crawling under your car or banging your knuckles on the engine reaching into it, you want to make sure you won’t have to do it all over again in the next few months because of a faulty part. Hopping over to your nearest new parts store is simple and it’s the “go to” way to go, isn’t it? After all, there is just that feeling of buying something new and equating that with quality. The store feels like a regular store and you can just walk in to get what you need. So, you would naturally assume that your best option is to always go with new. Case closed. Or is it?

1. A Salvaged Part Is a Sure Fit

Nothing is more frustrating in a car repair than trying to put on your new replacement part and finding that it doesn’t fit. Even though the part store computer says it is the right part, anybody who has done multiple car repairs has had the experience of a brand new part not being the right part. Consider the option that experienced mechanics pull reclaimed or salvaged parts from cars just like yours. Those parts have already been installed exactly as you will install it. You can save a lot of frustration with a reclaimed part as well as saving money.

2. Price

Speaking of money, the price is another great reason to go with a reclaimed part. In fact, it can be significant. In some cases, you can save up to 80% on a used part versus going with the same replacement new. That would be like paying $60 for a new $300 part. It definitely makes reclaimed parts worth considering if not being your “go to” solution.

3. Odd Parts Are More Available

What about availability? Are you okay with waiting a week or longer to finish your car repair? Maybe the part in question is a dealer-only part and you can’t find it any of the local stores carrying new parts. Maybe it’s a rear window, a door, or an interior panel. You might have to wait days or even longer than a week for your part. What if you could immediately get the exact, matching part you need? Checking with an auto wrecking parts store could cut out the wait.

4. You Give Old Parts New Purpose

As if the reasons above aren’t enough to high-tail it to your salvage yard for all of your car parts, keep in mind that reclaimed parts are better for the environment. Putting it back on your car to replace whatever goes out means that that part runs its entire life and doesn’t clutter up the landfill. Hardworking men and women built those parts for our cars and you can help make sure their work gets all of its worth.

5. You Support Local Business

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you keep your money local. New parts are made who knows where and the stores that sell them are owned by corporations that are probably not headquartered in your community. Salvaged vehicles are bought by your local reclaimed auto parts dealer and the price of those parts is made up of the salvage purchase and the labor to remove them. All the money you spend stays right where you spend it.

So, the reasons are strong for putting reclaimed parts on your vehicle. They are experienced and when reclaimed they are still proving their worth. Save time, save money, and save frustration. If you still need a little nudge, keep in mind that a couple of months after you’ve installed that shiny new part, it’s going to look just like any of the reclaimed parts. Once it is installed and used, it’s used. Bob Karl Auto Wrecking’s experienced and trustworthy mechanics are happy to help you if you have questions, so give us a call. We are ready to make sure you feel great about having gone with one of our reclaimed parts.

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