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Save Money with Reclaimed Headlights and Tail Lights

During the holidays, parking lots are packed. People tend to be so busy that they are distracted. It only takes one careless or over-stimulated driver to put a damper on your holidays by crunching a tail light or headlight on your car. Ouch! You’re already pushing the budget with the gift-buying and other holiday activities, but you need your lights to work. What to do? Let Bob Karl’s Auto Wrecking help you out.

Vehicles get reclaimed for a vast number of reasons. Often, the rear and/or front lights are in good condition. Depending on the age of your vehicle and whether the incident that took out your light is covered by insurance, changing out your damaged part with a salvaged part might be just the ticket. No matter how much you try, a busted light is not fixable with duct tape. It’s time for a replacement.

Your first call might be to the dealership. Check with them how much that OEM headlight or taillight replacement is going to cost to order it along with how much time it will take it to come in. Armed with that information, your next call should be to Bob Karl’s Auto Wrecking. We have a wide variety of reclaimed vehicles, and we will likely have the light you need. Even if we don’t, give us a chance to help you find it.

A broken and non-working headlight, tail light, blinker, or fog lamp is not something to let go. You won’t get pulled over and given a ticket for a broken fog lamp, but with winter coming on that’s a great thing to have working. You will, however, get cited for non-working signals, headlights, and taillights. Not to mention, it’s dangerous, and you could wind up putting yourself in a worse situation.

Replacing your light is probably one of the easiest repairs you can do on your vehicle next to changing out wiper blades. Most headlight or tail light units are held in place by a few screws, and many vehicles have heads on them that are finger-friendly. In some cases, you might not even need any tools.

Headlight replacement gets a bit more complicated if the bracket holding it was damaged. Alignment is a crucial issue, and if your lights aren’t pointing the right direction, you are putting yourself in danger. Before buying your replacement headlight, inspect the bracket holding it. If it is damaged, you should probably also replace that while you’re at it. Once your replacement parts are in place, you may need to swing your car over to your mechanic for an alignment check, just to be sure you will be lighting up the right part of the road.

You will more than likely need to also purchase a bulb for your light, but that will also be the case with a new light you get from a dealership. Putting a new bulb into a reclaimed headlight, tail light, blinker, or fog light will potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Keep that money in your pocket and keep your holiday season merry. Bob Karl’s Auto Wrecking is here to help ease your mind without crunching your holiday budget.

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